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Several models of Tetris are available for gamers to play online. Just one site make available the authentic model about Tetris, which first appeared in 1989. The game was designed to be played on one early-generation computer's keyboard, very it remains necessary to find out the manage keys from the brief game instructions. Accessing the website yous free and no download is needed.

Difficulty: Easy


1 Navigate to Freetetris.org.

Click the "Perform" icon under the word "Tetris" on the first screen regarding the application.

3 Select the Degree regarding Play from the following screen beneath the "Start at Level" heading. Click the proper arrow about the selector to progress to a better level. The Level assortment ranges from 1 to 9.

4 Click the "Ok" button underneath the level selector to start the game.

5 Click the "Pause" button to pause the game.

6 Click the "Quit" button to stop the game.


Free Tetris Online

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