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Dying to be a "Twilight" vampire? You can look like one with the movie opening today. The film, from the narrative in Stephenie Meyer, tells the story regarding vampires who stray from the typical stereotype. "Twilight" vampires are wonderful, angelic creatures by way of colorful eyes plus a body smell which attracts their human victim. If you would like to look like a "Twilight" vampire, here are a few straightforward tips to get your started.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


1 Wear colored contacts if possible, as "Twilight" vampires have glowing, colored eyes. Vegetarian "Twilight" vampires have golden eyes while regular vampires boast burgundy eyes.

2 Operate a foundation on your skin which is nearly two shades lighter besides your natural epidermis tone. Work the foundation into your skin along with circular motions, covering your ears and neck since well with a mixed, pure look. "Twilight" vampires own light virtually glowing skin, hence you might consider a foundation which is designed to reflect light. These are often called "luminance," "sheer" or "brilliance."

4 Dress merely, but dark. You can choose jeans and extended sleeved t-shirts or ordinary skirts for blouses seeing that lengthy like the colors are serious purples, dark reds or blacks. "Twilight" vampires do not typically dress in extravagant vampire garb as they blend within well with humans, but dark colors are always preferable.

5 Pick very small fake fangs if your pick out to wear them. Many "Twilight" vampires execute never possess fangs, so they are never necessary to comprehensive your look. Those who undertake experience them only have small, delicate fangs which are troublesome to spot. Keep your look delicate if you choose any two about false fangs.


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