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Scars from acne, abrasions also surgery are complicated to reduce and don't fade at once. Regardless, if you start your battle plan before long following the injury you may reduce the severity of most scars.

Things You'll Need

Vitamin E oil Exfoliating items Silicone sheets Antibacterial soaps Sunscreen AHA items

Recommend Edits

1 Consult your physician about how aggressive to be in controlling any wound and ask about the likelihood about scarring.

2 Let your skin breathe. When injury to skin is new, achieve never aggravate it by putting anything similar since bandages or ointment on the area.

3 Utilize an antibacterial soap to make indeed the skin stays clean following the injury.

5 Apply a tiny amount of aloe vera to the area daily seeing that the wound is healing.

6 Once the damaged region has healed and you are remaining along with some scar, put vitamin E oil on the scarred area every night.

7 Apply a gentle moisturizer by means of sunscreen to the region every morning.

8 Talk to your dermatologist about using AHAs (alpha-hydroxyl acids).

9 Exfoliate the location very gently. This must only be done after the skin is completely healed.

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For a thick, raised scar, attempt using silicone sheets. The silicone encourages hydration and softening about the scar. Wear sheet for a extended period of period to reduce the raised character about the scar.

11 Talk to your dermatologist in relation to acid peels or laser resurfacing for severe acne scars.

Tips & Warnings

Raised acne scars as well reply to silicone sheets. You may wear the sheets at night, if desired. Thwart acne scars by keeping hands and nails away from blemishes. Silicone sheets can cause perspiration rashes or irritation. Pregnant ladies and girls trying to conceive should avoid vitamin A items, as they may possibly cause birth defects. If symptoms persist or if you have specific medical conditions or concerns, we endorse you contact some health care professional. This info is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.

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