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While originally an arcade game, Contra gained most of its recognition after it was ported to the Nintendo Entertainment Method. If you no longer have your classic NES there's no need to worry. You can however play this classic game seeing that lengthy as you have an Net connection.


Things You'll Need

DSL or cable modem Flash also Shockwave plugins to your browser

Advocate Edits

1 Go to Contra online (observe Resources).

2 Wait for the game to load. It may take a few seconds.

3 Click on the game screen along with your mouse to activate the game.

4 Press the Enter key on your keyboard to start the game.

5 Operate the arrow keys to move, X to jump and Z to shoot. Press Lower to crouch. Press Upward to shoot increase. Press Up plus Right or Left to shoot up at an perspective. Press Down and Right or Left to shoot down at an perspective.

Contra online

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