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Brick walls are sturdy structures that are not only functional in weight support, still ruggedly aesthetic. Brick walls may be found inside a residential house, separating two rooms or as an exterior facade. Yet, brick remains porous and if not properly sealed, moisture seeps through the wall into the residence. To prevent moisture, which may lead to mold and mould growth, you'll boast to seal the brick wall.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy. Foundation Repair Ottawa Ottawa Foundation Repair.

Things You'll Want

Drop materials Rubber gloves TSP Bucket Stiff-bristled brush Warm gun or hair dryer Flathead screwdriver Concrete and masonry sealer Paintbrush

1 Spread drop materials over the floor or terrain against the brick wall to protect your floor's finish or lawn and plants.

2 Combine 4 parts of warm water with 1 part of TSP in a bucket. Place on rubber gloves plus stir the TSP plus drinking water by means of a rigid-bristled brush. Allow the brush soak inside the blend for about 1 website mins to saturate the bristles.

3 Completely scrub the brick wall with the solution, getting all dirt and grime off the surface. The bricks with the wall should be free of any soil or grime.

4 Dry the brick wall with a heat up gun or hair dryer once completely fresh. Do not let the brick wall air waterless or water places may appear. Use the heat up gun or dryer to penetrate the pores in the brick wall. Rinse the bucket out and set aside once the brick wall is dry.

5 Available a can about concrete plus masonry sealer with a flathead screwdriver. Dip a paintbrush into the sealer also apply the first coat. Brush from best to bottom slowly, treating each and every brick in the sealer. Allow dry as extended as recommended by the maker thereafter.

6 Brush on a moment coat of concrete plus masonry sealer after the first coat has dried. Let dry to 24 to 48 hours or being long whereas directed by means of the manufacturer.


"Troubleshooting Guide to Residential Design"; Steven Ecstasy; 1997 "How to Pattern, Build, Remodel and Maintain Your Home"; Joseph D. Falcone; 1995

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