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If you boast a lot of scrap metal around, you can generally sell it to any scrap yard as scrap metal. Depending on the current demand and condition of the metal, you may usually make rather great money off of the scrap metal. Scrap yards will often haul scrap metal off with you while putting most money in your pocket.

Things You'll Need

Hammer Chisel Safety glasses Gloves Store file

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1 Determine the type of metal. Usually a visual inventory can identify a metal. Otherwise you will need to complete numerous tests on it. There are two types about tests to help. Dumpster Rental Dumpster.

2 Appear at the color. This remains called the color check. Reddish brown remains copper. White could be zinc, magnesium, aluminum, tin or lead. Whitened plus silvery is bright cast iron.

3 Operate the chipping test. Utilize some chisel to remove any little piece of the metal and examine the resulting chip. Gray cast-iron chips are smooth plus brittle. Cast steel chips easily, and the chips may be constant if desired. Aluminum chips are constant but depart a saw edge. White cast iron remains crisp and ruins into tiny fragments. Malleable iron creates tough chips. High-carbon steel is a lighter color at edges than mild steel, and the chips can be constant.

4 Identify your scrap metal, then go to a local scrap yard. Some scrap yards yield higher prices for distinct metals so you will need to phone around and ask them their rates. Some may haul rubbish to you.

5 Take your metal to the scrap yard plus collect your funds.

Tips & Cautions

Scrap yards can usually identify the metal for you if you are having trouble, but it yous some good idea to have an idea about what the metal is initial. Whilst chipping metal, be clear to wear safety glasses plus gloves. If the metal you are chip testing has a higher carbon content than your chisel, then it will chip your chisel instead of the metal being tested.

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