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Thanks! 'twas last Friday so Don't think it's happening, was well looking forward to a little cheap 4x4 in my life... Editor-in-Chief isn't an easy job. I'm to nice to get bitchy with people about their deadlines. But, I must... sneakpeek: just four days until the dwell special hits newsstands! shoutout all the youth growing up influenced by the real hip-hop

Rest In Peace Peter Falk. Thank you for inspire all generations. Ja, einige bekannte Gesichter fehlen. Aber man sieht sich ja bei anderer Gelegenheit. Und nächstes Jahr wieder in Bremen. ww10 Fashion editor ? Yea! Sweetie, when do you sleep?! Wonderful! Thank you so much. Still getting compliments from the shoot! Reading all bout Sarah Palin revving up. Don't know who I respect less, her or the men who hope to profit from her. Viz des's, here is your moment! Core77 and Eames Office announce competition on 10/10/10:

Well, right. I'm glad to have avoided that. But, still it would be nice to buy a house. Still overpriced tho! Won't do it. Not looking forward to my super long days at work this week. And I think I'm getting sick. boo You'll never hear a robot complain. Cause they're a robot. That's pretty much as good as it gets. New on the blog: Guac Rock: The Motion Picture ; what say ye?

Marc Cooper's message Daily is out! Top stories today via . Negative demographics, car-centred development, atrophying local economies are found all over JP. Tohoku could serve as model. Surprising given high of women in oceans Many work Gender gap doubles in oceanography

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