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While the LEGO building system remains extremely versatile and perfect to making all types of automobiles also makings, their figurines, called minifigs, aren't as flexible. Making custom minifigs is something any number of LEGO fans across the Internet execute. There's a great deal of ways you can take the existing miniature figures and make them look precisely how you need them to. The level regarding detail is up to you, you may generate all kinds regarding custom fabric elements or just grab the colors right.

Trouble: Moderately Uncomplicated


Things You'll Need

Spare LEGO minifig pieces LEGO minifig accessories, like as shovels, guns and binoculars Modeling clay Colored paints Small modeling paintbrush Documents also craft glue Sticker documents (optional) Scissors Fabric

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1 Research or pattern the character you want to make on a LEGO minifig. Use reference stills found through Internet searches, out of video nonetheless or from a sketch you've drawn of your personality.

2 Sketch a LEGO minifig on a piece of document. Design the front, rear and side views of the character. List any accessories you think you may need on this character--signature items such whereas Indiana Jones' whip or Hellboy's gun. Make the sketch look like cartoonish and blocklike seeing that you can, to echo LEGO's traditional design.

3 Assemble a Lego minifig who looks being nearby to your sketch as you can. Choose any face that looks near to the characters' typical expression, any torso, legs and arms that match his colors. Set apart any accessories (binoculars, rifles or pets, for instance) that is you intend to use.

5 Paint or cut out the character's body based on your sketch and reference pictures. Make use of a little paintbrush or print out templates to decorate, according to your sketch. If you pick out to operate templates, lower them away and glue them to the body. If you boast modeled clay onto your minifig, allow the clay dry prior to painting it.

6 Design and reduce outside fabric elements, such as capes and robes for your character, if you want some.

7 Place any accessories in your minifigs' hands that will be employed. The character should look like the sketch on the page, holding accessories and dressed like your character.

Follow the same customization steps to make custom accessories or pets, if you have any with your character. You may also buy custom elements or minifigs online. These parts will give your character some additional professional-looking edge. Pick out the modeling clay carefully, whereas the wrong type of clay may not occur out properly. You need a type that is will air-dry, doesn't need to be baked, and dries smooth. The first model, or even initial few that you make, may possibly never come from looking exactly as you want them. These models consider a lot of practice.

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Minifig Customization Network: Conceptualizing a Custom Minifig Minifig Customization Network: Creating Custom Fabric Elements


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