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Appendix C: TWiki CSS

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Naming conventions

  1. All TWiki class names have the prefix twiki. So: twikiAlert, twikiToc, etcetera. Remember that CSS class names are case sensitive - TWiki CSS uses lowercase tw.
  1. TWiki uses class names only (.twikiDiffTable) and no id names (#twikiDiffTable), to allow multiple class names. Class names are written using the dot prefix.
  1. If you define your own CSS classes, it is preferable that you do not use the twiki prefix to prevent undesired overriding effects.

A wide range of standard styles are used in the TWiki core code and topics, and more are used in plugins. The following is an exhaustive list of all styles defined by the Pattern skin. For the most part, the names are the only documentation of the purpose of the style. For more information on how these styles are used, read the code (sorry!)

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.twikiLink Render.pm
.twikiNewLink Render.pm
.twikiAnchorLink Render.pm
.twikiCurrentWebHomeLink Render.pm
.twikiCurrentTopicLink Render.pm
.twikiEmulatedLink Preview.pm
.twikiWebIndent TWiki.pm
.twikiEditFormDateField Form.pm
.twikiEditFormTextField Form.pm
.twikiEditFormLabelField Form.pm
.twikiEditFormTextAreaField Form.pm
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.twikiSortedAscendingCol TablePlugin
.twikiSortedDescendingCol TablePlugin
.twikiFirstCol TablePlugin
.twikiTableEven TablePlugin
.twikiTableOdd TablePlugin

TWiki Styles in Templates

.twikiFormTable formtables.tmpl, form.tmpl
.twikiFormTableHRow formtables.tmpl, form.tmpl
.twikiFormTableRow formtables.tmpl
.twikiFormTableFooter formtables.tmpl
.twikiAttachments attachtables.tmpl
.twikiEditForm form.tmpl
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.twikiFormSteps container around a form, such as the attach form: attach.tmpl
.twikiFormStep form row

TWiki Styles used in configure

#twikiLogin CSS.pm
.twikiFormSteps CSS.pm
.twikiFormStep CSS.pm

TWiki Styles in topics

.twikiBroadcastMessage TWikiPreferences
#twikiSearchTable WebSearch, WebSearchAdvanced

TWiki Styles in Skins

#twikiLogin login.pattern.tmpl  


PatternSkin makes extensive use of CSS in its templates. Read the PatternSkin topic and PatternSkinCss to learn more about creating your own CSS-based skin.
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