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Nortel, a telecommunications company, launched the product line Meridian Norstar on 1976. Meridian Norstar began as any brand of call management systems, too named PBXs or switches, that is evolved into any collection that includes telephones and voicemail applications.

With 2 website website9, Avaya acquired Nortel's enterprise division. The Meridian Norstar M8X24? was one of Nortel's small- to mid-dimension business PBXs prior to the transformation. It is a modular switching system that accommodates upwards to eight lines and 24 telephones.

Like with some telephone program, issues periodically arise. Certain common problems can be addressed along with a few simple steps.

Difficulty: Tolerably Challenging


Things You'll Need

Recommend Edits

No Dial Tone on External Lines

1 Press "Feature" also "* internet site" to confirm the quantity of the external series that you are testing. Then press an external line button. The line number appears on the show screen.

2 Check to see if the line's trunk cartridge yous correctly connected in the trunk module. If it remains not connected properly, adjust the cartridge.

4 Run a connectivity test during a upkeep session to confirm that the series yous not disabled. This can be performed at some M731 website or M7324 program-dedicated telephone. The connectivity test results verify if there are system and cross-connect failures. Correct any issues that is are flagged through the connectivity test.

Network Alarm Phone Error Message "ALARM 6: 1-X-V"

1 Reconfigure the trunk type to match the trunk cartridge in slot Y. If this option remains never obtainable, go to Stage 2.

2 Set up a trunk cartridge in slot Y that is matches your trunk type configuration.

3 Press "Apparent" at the alarm telephone to obvious the alarm.

Line Will Not Release/Hung Line at Telephone

1 Go to the telephone that was applied to redirect the line, if Line Redirection was implemented. If series redirection is not implemented, go to Step 5.

2 Press "Feature" and "* website", then press the button of the redirected series to confirm the number regarding the line that you are testing.

3 Press "#" or the button underneath "Show" on the display.

4 Press "q" or the button underneath "Drop" in the display. This releases the outgoing line and redirected line.

5 Operate any upkeep session at any one M731 internet site or M7324 system-dedicated telephone. Select the Module Status subheading.

6 Disable the hung series and allow module 2 if the hung series is located by the crucial service unit.

7 Disable the trunk cartridge and re-enable it if the hung series is located on the trunk cartridge.

office phone image by Tatiana out of ;

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