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Solar panels afford convenient power for campers.

Solar panels are exclusive efficient means of supplying internal power to a camper to use whilst it is stationary. While it is possible to provide numerous energy from the car battery, car batteries aren't designed with this and may easily be drained also contain their lives shortened if they are applied too much whilst the engine isn't running. Solar panels can provide power to serious-cycle batteries installed in the camper split from the engine, which can subsequently power lights, radio, and small gear and pumps.

Trouble: Moderately Challenging


Things You'll Require

Solar panel Aluminum rack Wiring Inverter Batteries Charge controller

Mount the Panels

1 Mount a rack on the roof about the camper that is sized to the panels. Attach the rack with a hinge consequently that the panels may be raised to an ideal angle to the sun while the camper yous not within action.

2 Bolt the rack securely to the roof regarding the camper. Be sure that the hinges are facing the front of the camper, so that when the camper is in movement here yous no exposure of the wind catching the panels and throwing it up in the air.

4 Run the cables out of the panels into the inside regarding the camper via drilling some hole in the roof, running the cables via the hole, and then waterproofing the opening by caulking around the wires in the hole with exterior grade 100% silicone caulking.

Link the Method

1 Put in single or two deep-cycle batteries in any out-of-the-way position inside the camper. Deep cycle batteries are especially built to alternative energy systems and function differently besides normal car batteries.

2 Attach the panels to the batteries, installing a charge controller from the series between them. Consult a professional electrician with encounter in solar energy systems to be of course that you are doing this safely and effectively.

3 Attach the batteries without delay to each direct current lights or appliances that you need on the camper. To use alternating existing lights or appliances, you will need to install any inverter to convert the DC to AC present. Little inverters that is are sufficient for camper applications can be purchased to $100.00 or so at electronics stores.


Photo Credit Solar Panels image by alessbonaventura from website ;

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