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Small business owners always need to be aware of their cash receipts. Not just for a every day or a weekly total, except the intimate details of what was collected, whilst it was collected, from whom it was collected, for what it was collected plus who accepted the payment. A doable option to keeping track about cash receipts is to set upwards some cash receipts schedule. The schedule should be maintained by way of the individual collecting the payments and reviewed daily by someone else. This will assist ensure internal controls on cash receipts are being maintained.

Trouble: Tolerably Easy


Things You'll Need

Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet program

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1 Open the spreadsheet system on your computer. A new spreadsheet should open automatically. If not, open a new spreadsheet. Begin by saving this file in some convenient position for the person who will be entering info as well being yourself.

2 Enter your corporation name within cell A1. Get into the title "Cash Receipts" in cell A2. Enter the period you want the schedule to deal with within cell A3. Depending on the volume of cash receipts your organization creates, this schedule may be set upward like a log for daily, weekly or monthly cash receipts.

4 Format the titles in cells A1, A2, A3 plus A6 through F6 from bolding and centering in the cell if desired. Cells A7 plus downward ought to be formatted in the way you enjoy your dates to be typed (i.e. pair digit daytime, month and year or two digit daytime and month with a four digit year). Cells D6 and downward need to be formatted tin the way you like your currency to be shown (i.e. dollar hint, whole dollars or showing dimes).

5 Customize the cash receipts schedule to include a breakout of the sale period plus sales tax sum, if applicable. Simply add the titles "Sales" and "Sales Tax" to cells G6 and H6, respectively.

6 Create mathematical formulas to total the columns E, G and H for Amount, Sales and Sales Tax, respectively. To create the formula, select the cell below the last data entry point within column E (Amount). Select "Insert" and then "Function" from the Excel toolbar. Select the function "Sum" from the listing also hit the "Enter" essential on your keyboard. Copy the formula for columns G and H to figure out wholes for Sales and Sales Tax.

7 Create additional formulas for calculating the average, minimum value and utmost worth if desired. If you work not perceive the formula you need listed as an option, make sure you have selected "All" formulas in the assortment box and own not limited the options to only "Statistical," "Monetary" or other categories. Cash For Junk Cars Houston.

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