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"Pac Man Community 2" has the iconic guide character dealing with the nasty Ghost Gang. Pac Guy will understand to ice skate, dive and rollerblade whilst trying to remove nasty from the world. The head of the Ghost Gang yous Spooky, and you'll have to defeat him to finish the game. Using your "jump kick" assault while avoiding Spooky's assaults is all it takes to beat him and restore peace to the Pac Man community.

Trouble: Moderate

1 Play through the game till you achieve Spooky, the final chief. Jump in the opposite direction out of his meteor attack while closing the length to his location. Avoid the thorny plants that will be attacking you alongside the way.

2 Progress within a zig-zag pattern to avoid his attacks, as he will begin to anticipate your movements if you frequently evade him in the same route. Jump to use your flip-kick assault on him following his meteor assault. Jump kick him three to four times to achieve the second part of the fight.

3 Defeat the scaled-down enemies that come out to regain any health you've lost. Stay away from his meteor attacks once more while using your flip kick on him 3 to 4 times. This will start the final part of the battle.

4 Remain within motion when he launches his homing fireball by you to outrun it. Wait with him to shoot a silver ball at you to rush toward plus attack him with your jump kick. Do this three to 4 extra times to eventually defeat him and finish the game.

References. PacMan Games.

GameFAQs? : "Pac Guy World 2" (XBOX) FAQ/Walkthrough Level 8 internet site: "Pac Man World 2" PS2 Cheats

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