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The Excel menu also toolbar look below the title bar. They include a arrange of buttons that you can click on to execute a command. You can customize the existing buttons in Excel, add new ones also remove keys you no longer require. If you need to create any key in Excel, the button will need to be assigned to some command. You can create also assign a button for a new or existing macro (recorded specify about commands) in Excel. In this tutorial, you will be creating some key for an existing macro.

Difficulty: Moderate


1 Open up any new or existing spreadsheet from Microsoft Excel.

2 Suitable-click anywhere in the toolbar area and choose "Customize" from the list of preferences. The "Customize" dialog box will open up. If the toolbar (everywhere the button will be added) is closed, click on the "Toolbars" tab. Therefore pick the toolbar you want out of the list. It will be displayed beneath your dialog box.

3 Click on the "Commands" tab in the dialog box. Subsequently pick "Macros" from "Categories." Lapel Pins.

4 Pick and drag the "Custom Button" command immediately from the dialog box in the toolbar where you want it to go. The button you added will be selected in the toolbar.

6 Select "Modify Assortment" also "Assign Macro" with the dialog box. The "Assign Macro" dialog box will open.

7 Pick out the macro you want the button assigned to and click "Ok." You will be redirected back to the "Customize" dialog box. Close up the "Customize" dialog box.


ReferPages? : Macro Button

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