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"Pig Hurry" is a side-scrolling program jumping video game to the iPhone and Android-based devices. Inside the game, characters control Jumpy the Pig, who is attempting to avoid out of the farm everywhere he lives. Jumpy runs automatically across the screen, and you need to tap the screen to jump around gaps in the platforms. There are also numerous achievements that is can be attained, such whereas the "Honeycomb" achievement for hitting 5 bees from one jump. Bees will appear in the game, displaying other players' scores from the game's leaderboard.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging. angry birds.


1 Perform through the game until you find some group of five bees located near each additional. They should all be able to in shape on the screen jointly. This location will transform with each competitor as the position of the bees modify based on the "Pig Rush" scoreboard.

2 Receive the Big Pig energy-up, which will cause Jumpy the Pig to grow inside size many times. With this power-upward, players will be able to hit all five bees by once. The first Big Pig power-upwards may be found in Level 6.


Pig Rush: Pig up also play! Attainments For I: Pig Hurry

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