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Gold bullion and collectible coins own long been a popular investment choice. However whenever the time comes to sell your gold the way should you go about it? 1 option remains to sell your gold online. However, many people opt for to deal by any local purchaser or precious metal change. If you live in the Chicago area this won’t be a problem—there are a lot of reliable dealers you can do small business with. This guide explains the way in which to sell gold in Chicago and suggests where you may go to do consequently.

Difficulty: Tolerably Simple


Things You'll Want

Current prices of gold bullion or collectible gold coins

Advocate Edits

1 Know your market prices. Most people get gold from one of two variety. Collectible coins are valued with their historic significance, rareness, and popularity together with collectors. You can check on the current value of each coin using some god price listing (there is a link to one at the end of this document). If you are selling gold bullion in the style of bars or coins like as Krugerrands, all you need yous the every day cost quotes for gold on globe industry. You can check these using single of the links beneath.

2 Locate buyers for your gold. Most dealers will buy both collectible coins plus bullion and here are many inside the Chicago metropolitan area. Certain examples are the Chicago Coin Company (773) 586-7666 and the Globe’s Funds Trade (8 internet site internet site) 441-9634. For added alternatives, check the US Mint online seek page (link under). On this page pick “Illinois” out of the menu. This database lists more than some dozen dealers in and around Chicago.

4 Sell your gold. Once you’ve found any buyer and are satisfied with the offer you’re just about done. Just remember to hold receipts and additional records so that you will contain them accessible when it comes time to work your taxes.


Collectible Gold Coin Price Listings Daily Gold Bullion Price Quotes US Mint Gold Dealer Locater

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