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"Angry Birds" is a well-liked game application produced by Rovio Mobile. It is supported by mobile phones and the Mac OS X plus Windows operating programs. Versions of "Angry Birds" for Mac play in Full Screen mode, which produces it harder for users to shrink the view about the game quickly. You can shrink or decrease the view by means of using quick shortcut keys. There are diverse methods regarding minimizing the view regarding the game or totally shrinking it then it no longer displays on your computer screen. This comes handy when you wish to hide the application.

Trouble: Moderately Easy

Shrink the View

1 Press the "Command" and "F" keys at any point throughout the game to switch from Full Screen mode to Window Screen mode.

2 Press and store the "Shift" key, subsequently click the yellow "-" (reduce) button on the top-left corner of the game's window. The view will shrink gradually.

3 Restore "Angry Birds" back to normal size, if necessary, through clicking the minimized application from the iMac's dock.

Hide the View

1 Press the "Command" also "H" keys to hide the look at by each and every stage throughout the game. The game's window automatically disappears.

2 Restore to normal view by holding the "Command" key also pressing the "Tab" key. Any list of the active applications will display on any horizontal menu in the middle of the screen.

3 Continue pressing the "Command" key and press the "Tab" key until the "Angry Birds" icon is selected. Release two "Command" and "Tab" keys. The game's view will be revived to the normal dimension view.


OSX Daily: Angry Birds For Mac Keyboard Shortcuts Apple: Angry Birds DevDaily? : How To Little by little Reduce Some Mac OS X Window To The Dock Using The Genie Effect

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