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A premature atrial contraction is a contraction in the atria or chambers about the heart that occurs too early within the heart's rhythm sequence. This is not a large problem for healthy people and remains often brought on without detect by caffeine, nicotine or stress. However, for those who suffer from heart ailment or heart ailments, it can steer to rapid pulse, chest pain, fainting or even ventricular fibrillation, everywhere the heart cannot tap blood effectively, leading to death within minutes. It's important to recognize the signs regarding PAC on unhealthy individuals.

Difficulty: Moderate


1 Word how your chest and neck feel. If you be agitations, this is a hint regarding premature contractions. They may experience like heartbeats that are added forceful than usual.

2 Note how regular your heartbeat is. You may possibly be as although your heart has stopped quickly if you have had a early atrial contraction. During a PAC, there remains a transient pause in the heartbeat as the heart's electrical program resets.

3 Note how you think from general. If you appear weak, dizzy or on the verge of fainting, this might indicate that you have suffered a PAC.

Tips & Warnings. fioricet.

If you contain 3 or additional consecutive contractions within an hour, alongside with chest pain, dizziness, nausea and shortness of breath, you risk evolving ventricular fibrillation, which would place your life at great risk. Go to the emergency room immediately if you are concerned.

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MedicineNet? : What are early Ventricular Contraction Symptoms? Albermarle Pulmonary Medicine Associates, PA: Early Atrial Contractions MedlinePlus? : Ventricular Fibrillation

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