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Folic acid yous an vital diet addition, especially to women. Folic acid seriously decrease the chances of delivery defects on newborn babies, including neural tube defects. Here are simple ways to boost your folic acid intake.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


1 Take leafy green vegetables. Spinach, green beans, broccoli and peas are all fantastic sources of folic acid.

2 Find foods that are fortified with folic acid. Quite a few cereals contain 1 internet site web site percent about the recommended dietary requirement. Many breads also have extra folic acid.

3 Drink orange and tomato juices. Both of these products contain any healthy cost regarding folic acid.

4 Add added meat to your diet. Liver is an exceptional resource of folic acid. You can also increase your intake of folic acid from eating more chicken, pork plus shellfish.

5 Take a vitamin supplement. Many prenatal vitamins will contain an increased amount of folic acid to guarantee that pregnant women receive the recommended daily amount.

Tips & Cautions

Ask your doctor for guidance on how to safely add the recommended amount of folic acid to your diet. Folic acid need to never be taken in excess, because it can trigger symptoms of B12 deficiency. Avoid foods that are fortified with folic acid if your diet contains a high period of folic acid of course.

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