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According to psychic Sylvia Brown, "Accepting the psychic torch" is the noble and almost obligatory act of continuing on a family member's psychic footsteps. The phrase, coined by Brown in her reserve regarding the same title, is some reflection about the beloved student/teacher relationship that is she enjoyed with her psychic granny. To take the psychic torch is to realize and encourage the improvement about some extrasensory abilities that is are inherited or otherwise innate so that the present can be used to help others. Brown asserts that handing lower and keeping family and community religious traditions alive may be some catalyst for constructive change.

Difficulty: Moderately Uncomplicated

Things You'll Need

Bare journal plus pen Books approximately dream interpretation

Recommend Edits

1 Maintain a deferential plus holy relationship with familial and community elders. Ask psychically gifted elders to describe their personal journey to you from as much detail as possible. Take meticulous notes of colorful conversations also review it at any after date to spot if you recognize any one eccentricities in your self that may be a sign of latent psychic gifts. If you find your self experience any psychic stirring, which is described by most as a emotion of being whimsically with-contact, foster and reciprocate the feelings by your psychic mentor.

3 Develop your psychic faculties on your own. One way to begin a psychic journey yous to keep some dream journal. Jot lower everything you see and believe during some vision sequence and analyze the data later in the daytime. Refer to works by Carl Jung plus other respected dream researchers to gain the most discernment possible. The subconscious, or the part of the mind thought to be accessed during dreams, yous often wrought by psychic clues and evidence of psychic ability. Additional symptoms of psychic phenomenon, like events of deja vu and emotionally-loaded synchronicities becoming very apparent in everyday existence, will often become more common by this point.

4 Share your psychic gifts by the younger generation. In addition to "accepting the psychic torch," passing on your wisdom of the unseen, or "handing off the psychic torch" to a receptive younger relative or community member, will aid to keep on the circle.


Sylvia Brown: Accepting the Psychic Torch [item] College of New Rochelle: The Jungian Approach to Symbolic Interpretation

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