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iPhone owners know their phones may afford hours regarding entertainment, communications and conveniences. You may listen to music, watch videos, browse the Web and check emails. When your music library becomes too total, you might need to delete it on order to add space for other music also data. The only way to delete music on the iPhone without a computer is to accomplish a process called a reset. You will not be able to pick and select what data will be deleted.

Difficulty: Simple


Things You'll Want

iPhone iPhone charger

How to Delete Music on your iPhone Without Any PC

1 Entirely charge your iPhone. Some reset could take on several hours, also if your phone does not have enough battery, it could turn off prematurely and interfere with the process. If your phone does not boast some full cost, or you don't obtain time to charge it, depart it plugged in through the procedure.

2 Find the "Settings" icon on your iPhone plus choose it.

3 Scroll down to "Common" plus select that is option.

5 Pick out "Erase all content and settings."


Apple Support: Understanding Erase All Content And Settings

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