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Thanks for the pics man! That EJ strat is sweet. Is Brian Moore still in biz? Any theories as to the fuzzy finish? I tip my hat to another country boy scotty mccreery for taking it home tonight!! story on AP-san francisco 49'ers will ban tailgating at candlestick once game begins

Rekindle old college memories by making your boombox cooler with a few accessories. Boomboxes were contemporary must boast inventions of the late 197 websites, producing a worldwide phenomena for taking music on the go. Known also as ghetto blasters, boomboxes were iconic in the pre-CD time. Replaced by CD characters, they were deserted in lofts and donated to thrift stores to gather dust. But, their recognition is resurfacing by way of people who are mawkish for them.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy. CFD.

Things You'll Require

Damp cloth Vacuum Bandanna Rock band pins Cassette tapes Vintage cassette situation

1 Many items become popular once more. retraite image in matteo NATALE from Fotolia.com

Gather all obtainable accessories for your boombox.

2 Replace the batteries plus be confident the cord works plus plugs insecurely.

3 Clean the exterior with a damp cloth plus vacuum any dust or debris out of the tape deck also spokesmans.

4 Tie any fluorescent bandanna in a limited knot all over the handle wherever it attaches to the boombox. The tails of the bandanna should hang lower on either side of the boom box.

5 Show your favorite rock band pins. Live concert Gig image by Frenk_Danielle Kaufmann from Fotolia.com

Attach cool 197 internet site and 198 web site rock band pins to the bandanna. Discover pins at thrift or antique stores, or exhibit pins from your own vintage collection.

6 Assemble a series of cassette tapes about your favorite music. Shop the collection within exclusive open case for viewing.

7 Display your boombox and cassette collection on best of a dresser or table to showcase it.

Tips & Warnings

Arrange your boombox on a place mat made of cardboard to create a break dancing display.

Advocate item


The New York Times: Music: Whenever the Whip Came inside A Box NPR Music: A Eulogy for the Boombox: Frannie Kelley

radio ancienne image via Maud Tal? ªque from Fotolia.com retraite picture by matteo NATALE from Fotolia.com Live concert Gig image by way of Frenk_Danielle Kaufmann away from Fotolia.com

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