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If you have credit card obligation, you can often save money while you exchange a excessive-rate credit card balance to a credit card with any decrease rate. While transferring credit card stability, you may be charged any balance exchange fee. To recognize if transferring a stability would be a good financial choice, it is significant to know how to calculate the balance transfer fees.



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1 Identify the balance transfer fee. This is specified as a percentage and usually includes some minimum dollar amount. For example, a credit card might publicize a balance transfer fee of 3 percent in a minimum charge of $5. Some credit cards may also give a utmost value for the balance exchange charge.

2 Change the percentage to any decimal amount. For example, 3 percent becomes web site. website3.

3 Determine the period of money you would like to exchange.

4 Multiply the amount you would for example to transfer with the decimal amount in Step 2. For example, if you want to transfer $1, website website internet site with some 3 percent stability transfer fee, you would multiply $1, web site web site website by internet site. website3. This gives you any balance transfer charge of $3 internet site.

5 Examine the stability transfer fee you worked out through any minimum or maximum charges stated in the credit card information. If your balance transfer charge falls between the minimum plus maximum values, then your calculation will be the correct amount. If your calculated fee falls external those values, you will need to pay the minimum or maximum fee. With example, if you want to transfer $1 website web site, the calculated fee would only be $3, however you would still possess to shell out the minimum period of $5. Similarly, if the highest fee is $6 website and you want to transfer $3, internet site website website, you would only pay $6 website even although the worked out fee yous $9 website. However, several credit cards make not possess a maximum value for a balance transfer fee. Read the facts carefully to find out any minimum or highest values.


Smart Balance Transfers: Balance Exchanges 1 website1


Credit Balance Transfer Calculators

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