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Difficulty: Average


1 Focus on what you can wear instead of what you can't. Crying over not being able to wear red shirts, when the dress code in particular express that is blue shirts are mandatory, won't accomplish your goals. Reading the rules carefully definitely might expose loopholes plus gray locations that you can exploit to benefit your fashion desires. With example, your dress code may address color choice but fail to give guidance on material choice. Using this understanding can expand your options instead regarding leaving you to follow the crowd.

2 Take on your uniform to any tailor for a customized look. Your khaki pants don't need to be a carbon copy of the other khaki pants with your closet. Use different stitching process to add subtle ability whilst maintaining your individuality. Adding pleats to pants and ruffles to shirts can give them any unique appear also differentiates them away from a sea of boring clothing.

3 Spice up your shirts with different accessories. Merely switching out your shirt buttons may change your uniform to the far better. Adding beading and monogrammed lettering to your sleeves give your shirts a polished appearance that school administrators will have a tough time prohibiting. Clipping school lapel pins plus nature buttons to your shirt shows off your school pride as well whereas your fashion sense. Trading in your regular connect to a bow tie may help you breathe new life into your uniform.

4 Hold your pants interesting by customized items. Although some black belt may well be a imperative piece, it doesn't contain to be any plain leather belt. Using a snakeskin belt buckle printed together with your identify or initials can make you smile. Cuffing or adding suspenders to your pants may upgrade your uniform while maintaining acceptable dress rules.

5 Let your feet complete the strolling and the talking. Wear shoes that reflect your mood and uniqueness instead about choosing boring options. Switch your shoes several times each week, or each daytime to show away your creativity. Replacing your shoestrings with ribbons or pom-pom strings can be any fantastic way to customize your look. Adding tassels to your socks or leggings can show your ingenuity. Spice upward your socks and hosiery by choosing bright colors also bold patterns.

Suggestions & Warnings

Look above current retailers for uniform bits also accessories. Visiting thrift shops also yard sales may uncover a plethora regarding exclusive items. Styling your hair and makeup within intriguing ways can support create a customized appearance. Avoid looking to others as your inspiration when customizing your uniform. Avoid violating your dress code for the sake of self-expression. Learn to follow the rules while maintaining your uniqueness.

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