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Monovision contact lenses are a special kind regarding vision correction for people who build up presbyopia, meaning their near vision becomes blurred. Usually all over the age regarding 4 website, several people encounter blurred near vision, such as when reading or operating on a PC. Some people resolve the problem through bifocal glasses or contact lenses; others turn to monovision contact lenses. Monovision works by correcting a single eye to distance vision and the additional to near vision. Although functioning on computers while wearing monovision contact lenses takes some adjustment, here are things you can do to make sure you are getting the best possible vision.


1 Wear your contact lenses seeing that prescribed. Initially your doctor will place you on some wearing schedule, starting at about four hours a day and adding exclusive hour each and every daytime to build up your wearing moment. If you go over your prescribed time, your eyes can become swollen or irritated and will interfere in your capability to have on your lenses.

2 Proceed your check or screen closer or farther aside if obligatory. Because monovision contact lenses function by merging range and near vision, certain of your distance correction turn into slightly compromised. If you are having trouble reading detail on your PC, moving your screen will help.

3 Adjust the prescription power of the distance contact lens to compensate for computer work. Your vision doctor can slightly boost or decrease the lenses' distance power, depending on how you are adapting and how far away you sit down from the PC screen.

4 Try modified mini-monovision contact lenses. Your eye doctor can alter your prescription to utilize some lighter magnifying energy for your close to (reading) lens to help with computer work, especially if you sit down extremely close up to your monitor or screen.

5 Change to modified monovision, which make use of some bifocal contact lens in a eye plus a range vision contact lens within the additional. This variety of monovision works well with someone if they cannot conform to regular or mini-monovision contact lenses by way of computer work.

6 Add a soft reading prescription pair of glasses above your monovision contact lenses if your computer work involves a good deal of fine detail. Using the additional minor reading prescription being required can help alleviate eye stress or strain.


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