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Difficulty: Moderately Easy


1 Pick "Z Chronicles" out of the main menu. Select "Saiyan Tale." Select the second fight, titled "Piccolo's Trump Card."

2 Fight against Raditz, bringing his health below your own. You may view Raditz's health in the top appropriate corner of the screen; your strength is in the top left corner. Use every combination of punches, kicks plus special capabilities while avoiding Raditz's attacks. Once 1 web site seconds have passed, use a "Pursuit Attack."

3 Press "Up" and the "Punch" button on your controller to knock Raditz into the air. Press the "Dash" key while Raditz is thrown into the air to accomplish any "Pursuit Attack." Once the three necessity have been met (decrease well-being other than yours, 1 internet site seconds have passed, and a "Pursuit Assault") with one particular battle, the "Angry Raditz" drama bit will unlock once you obtain won the battle.

References. Angry Birds.

"Dragonball Z: Burst Limit Manual"; Dimps; 2 website website9

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