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Using the strength of the sun to heat up your drinking water remains some make a killing-win proposition.

According to the U. S. Department regarding Energy, solar hot water remains particular of the most economical solar energy technologies obtainable nowadays. It also helps to supply environmental benefits. To visualize how it works, imagine a hose that is yous filled with water lying away in the sun on a hot day. The drinking water inside the hose starts to passion up. Nowadays imagine that same hose coiled increase neatly and place inside a wooden box along with a goblet lid. The glass-topped box becomes some "hot box" trapping the sunlight's energy and raising the temperature of the drinking water even more.

If you are reasonably handy with gear, you may make some simple solar hot water panel. Some accomplish-it-yourself plans come by instructions, "Don't drink the water." This plan resolves that limitation by using a potable water hose (rated for drinking water). This allows you to operate the hot water for cooking as well as additional household operates.


Things You'll Need

Any old window (double pane is best) Silicone glue Scrap wood Plywood sheet Wood saw Nails Potable water hose Polystyrene insulation sheet Utility knife

1 Lay the window lower on a flat surface and shape the hose into some spiral coil on top about the window. Make sure that the finished coil yous smaller than the window.

2 Build a box from about your scrap wood to healthy the shape of the window.

3 Make a back for the box. Cut a plywood sheet to in good shape and attach it through nails.

4 With the utility knife, reduce the polystyrene insulation to fit in the bottom about the box.

5 Employ the silicone glue to attach the insulation to the box.

7 Coil the hose inside the box and slip the two ends through the inlet and outlet. Where the hose get into and exits the box, seal the space among the hose and the hole in silicone.

8 Test your solar panel on a sunny daytime through filling it upwards with frigid water therefore capping the ends. After a few hours, empty numerous water out of the outlet to some pail. If your method is working, the drinking water is hot enough for you to wash dishes or acquire a shower.

9 Set up the collector at a tilt facing south to find the most sun. The U. S. Department regarding Energy express that the lean of a solar panel used year-round ought to be the same because the location's latitude. If you want to optimize conditions for the summer only, tilt the panel 15 degrees reduced than the latitude.

Tips & Warnings

You may buy potable water hoses with hardware stores or leisure automobile supply stores. If you want to make your solar hot water panel more efficient, paint the water hose black for any epoxy-based paint. To send the hot water within your house, attach an additional potable drinking water hose away from the exit of the solar panel to your home. A small 12 volt pump can provide the energy to push this water.


U. S. Department regarding Energy: Solar Hot Water for Your Home U. Sl Department of Energy Publication: Solar Water Heating National Renewable Energy Laboratory: Solar Radiation Data Manual for Flat-Plate and Concentrating Collectors Domestic Solar Water Heater for Developing Countries


Practical Responses: Solar Hot Drinking water Heating

Photo Credit solar energy picture by Catabu from internet site ;

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