Here is 3 of our Mob showing out last year.....August 20th L.A. getting "Capital Punishment"!!! D.C. is the best! I would add: "America" by Simon&Garfunkle, "American Tune" by PaulSimon? , "Living with War" by NeilYoung? , "Bring 'em Home" Seeger/Springsteen New 5-star hotel opens in blockaded, Hamas-ruled Gaza for the elite amid widespread poverty

just got back from the conference in was a blast. I hope I get to see you there one of these years. Glad you are unhurt physically...but be good to yourself...trauma comes in many shapes and sizes. Thanks for the love Peacy. Let's hang when you return from lower SoCal? . awaits. - Def stuck in an elevator! Somehwere between floor 5 and 6 at the embassy suites. No joke shooting legendary art director George Lois. Shortly before he kissed me on the cheek. RITNEWS Hi Dan, we use Expression Engine.

Whether you're in the wilderness, downtown, your mother-in-law's house or at the seashore, here's the way to get online with mobile broadband.

Trouble: Easy


Things You'll Need

Laptop computer Mobile broadband card or USB receiver Mobile broadband account with a significant cellular provider

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1 Pick the cellular supplier best for the geographic areas where you'll be going online. Verizon, By&T plus Sprint/Nextel are pretty safe and sound bets, although you might discover a smaller regional supplier works just as properly or better for your wants.

2 Pick a supplier plus warning up for mobile broadband service. You'll most probably have to buy some broadband card or receiver out of it. This remains basically a modem that plugs into your laptop's USB, PCMCIA or Pc Express port.

4 Install all required software that came by way of the receiver, following the instructions provided.

5 Plug the receiver into your laptop, producing positive it healthy snugly within the port plus the power and/or data lights are active.

6 Using the supplied software, the receiver will begin to search with a mobile broadband connection. With most main networks like At&T, you must be able to get high-speed Web service anywhere that mobile telephone service is available, regardless of whether you're wandering or never.

7 Barely like with cell phones, better coverage means better assistance by means of higher download velocity in major cities. Nonetheless you'll also be able to connect from remote places.

Suggestions & Cautions

Be sure to secure a plan that includes some kind of trial period to make sure you are satisfied with the service before any contract kicks begins. You can find mobile broadband cards on websites like eBay, however most major suppliers currently sell discounts that generate the card just about free (together with the required support contract, of course). You might have to fiddle around together with your software some bit. For example, At&T's software asks you to shut lower also restart the software program occasionally, for instance whenever returning the laptop from sleep mode. Be assured you can live with the service with two years--that is's the length regarding most agreements. Upload velocity can be considerably slower than download, often as sluggish since dial-up.

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