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You need your bath vanity to look vivid, clean up plus fresh. White cupboards accomplish that in giving a clean up appearance. Your white cupboards brighten up the complete bathroom, plus their only downside is that they can appear stark also boring. Adding some few coats of stain over the white paint gives cabinets exclusive antique feel and softens the starkness about the white paint.

Difficulty: Moderate


Things You'll Need

Ammonia-based cleaner Rags Medium-grit sandpaper Steel wool Hammer Paintbrush Stain

Advocate Edits

1 Clean the cabinets for ammonia-based cleaner. Spray onto the cabinets also wipe clean with a rag.

3 Distress the surface of the cupboards. You can use steel wool or a hammer to create dents and dings on the wood. Lightly tap the wood by the head regarding the hammer along the edges every few feet. Select sporadic spots of the cabinet to rub gently through steel wool.

4 Dip a paintbrush into stain. Select some dark stain to the most spectacular effect. Utilize the stain to the cupboards in a thin coat. Wipe away the excess stain with a fresh rag. Allow the stain to dry for two to with hours. Generate convinced to secure stain into the dents and scratches you created along with the hammer and steel wool.

5 Add another coat of stain. Wipe away the excessive by way of some damp rag. Carry on adding stain till you achieve the look that you prefer. Allow the stain to waterless overnight.

Tips & Warnings

Change your cabinet knobs plus pulls to coordinate by way of your new antique look. You can secure antique pulls at flea markets, 2nd-hand stores and online. Many retailers sell knobs that mimic an antique look. Choose oil-rubbed bronze, iron or pewter knobs for the most authentic-looking finished product.


Home Decorating: Antique Cabinets

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