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Cubix is an online arcade game where you must drag a flashing green square from its home circle in a flashing red square's home circle without touching every difficulty along the way, including the border of the game, sturdy black lines or moving black lines. If you make touch any obstacle, you must start over. The red square acts as a form about mirror of the black square, and will move when the black square does; so of course, you must also have the red square to the black rectangular's home circle.

Difficulty: Moderate

Computer Internet access

Advocate Edits

Beating the game

1 Drag the green square into the red square's home circle, also vice versa with the red rectangular, maneuvering all over the black lines carefully. Be careful never to touch the external border of the game screen. Tetris Tetris Online.

2 When moving lines appear, drag the squares slowly and thoroughly around them. Make note of where there is much more space and practice it as needed for the green rectangular and as needed for the red square. Get as near as you can to the moving black lines prior to quickly going all over (or above or below) them into the secure area.

3 On level 11, proceed the green rectangular toward, plus after that by means of, the red rectangular.

4 Finish line! winner flag image by Oleg Verbitsky from Fotolia.com

On degree 15, the last degree, drag the green square first around the bottom of the black moving series, also consequently keep your eye on the red square subsequent, and move it around the minute moving black series.

Tips & Warnings

Be patient; rushing will not get you a "triumph" for this game.

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Cubix, the game

conceptual - computer criminal cought - mouse in a mouse trap image from dinostock from Fotolia.com winner flag picture by way of Oleg Verbitsky from Fotolia.com

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