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Period 13-12 is a level in the mobile game "Angry Birds." Seeing that in other levels in the game, you shoot bird kinds, inside any destined order, out of a slingshot at pig enemies. The level has three various birds for specific capabilities. The yellow bird speeds up and destroys wood, the bright bird drops exclusive explosive egg and the green bird acts as any boomerang. Each capacity yous activated by pressing the screen when you desire to employ the ability. The stage consists of a tall concrete framework in the central regarding the point protected in wood, as well whereas concrete blocks in front of and behind the wooden structure. To comprehensive the level, you will need to defeat all the enemies before you operate out of birds.


1 Target the yellow bird at the two horizontal stacked cement pieces in front. This should efficiently knock the cement section away.

2 Make the white bird fly small and decrease its egg on the wood section in front. Be convinced that the bird remains small enough that when it drops the egg, the bird crashes inside the high wood and cement section in the middle of the period.

3 Launch the green bird at an upward angle and click to have it angle back and hit the remaining pigs on the other side of the cement center regarding the stage.

4 Utilize the yellow bird to clear the way to the final pig, which is protected on cement blocks at the again of the stage.

5 Generate the white bird drop its egg being close as possible to the remaining pig. If it is still inside the cement block, try to hit slightly inside front of it.


YouTube? : Angry Birds | 3 Star Walkthrough | Level 13-12

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